What happens at our Skinny Wrap Party?

What happens at a

Skinny Wrap Party?

As the host, you will get your Skinny Wrap for free!!! We will set up a wrap station in a separate area from where everyone is gathered. As guests arrive, they will go directly to the wrap station, pay for their Skinny Wrap ($30 or bring theirs that they have already ordered) and get wrapped. They can choose what area they want to tighten, tone and firm. (Tummy, arms, legs, back etc.)? Once they are wrapped, we send them out to join the party.

After all the guests who want to be wrapped have the applicator on, we will share about some of our other amazing products and get to try samples.? We will answer all questions at this time as well.? Next, we start to unwrap the guests and get excited about their results! Lastly, when people want to purchase product or sign up as a Perks Member or a Distributor this is the time, we do all that.? All in all, our Skinny Wrap Parties should last approx. two hours.

Our Skinny Wrap Parties also provide an additional stream of income awhile promoting your core business and services. If you would like to Host a Skinny Wrap Party or just come and try it, please fill out the form in this link and we will contact you shortly. https://lnk.fseml.com/widget/form/uYfQTtjrJLccd79Eiioj

Products at our Skinny Wrap Party